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I have worked on quite a few albums, singles and demos in my time trying to make it in the music business and enjoyed helping out with production and location or even with just making the tea. Thankfully these experiences gained over the years along with my own music performance has helped in my photography, eventually I got asked to direct some music videos.

I flew to Romania for my first trip summer (2013) to direct a web advertisement for a new beach club in Constanta. I really Loved the experience.

Recently I directed a wonderful music video for Irish Artist Sara Lou, I was also responsible for gathering the right team from hair/make up and styling to the production and the location. Both Out Now!

This song (S.A.R) is from the very gifted Hitman Lord a wonderful Irish talent. We based this video on one of my all time favourite movies - Paris, Texas. I had the pleasure of shooting some of Hitman Lord's earlier sleeves, promo shots and I was responsible for production and lighting on this video. It was directed and edited by the brilliant Ian Thuillier. Enjoy this great track from a wonderfully exciting Irish artist.

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