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Feel free to ask questions about the photos or contact for advice, if I can help I will. This contact form can also be used to request a viewing of photos or to enquire about image sales for images listed in galleries but not in the store.

Actor Mark Williams (The Borrowers, Harry Potter, The Fast Show, Father Brown) sent me this photo. He purchased a print of my Ophelia for his bride as a wedding present. He wrote me a little thank you and this paragraph - "There she is. I think (because I do) that people confuse Ophelia with The Lady of Shallott in the Pre-Raphaelite drowning department. Gary's Ophelia is the tragedy, not the fairy tale. The red carefully varnished right big toe. Who wouldn't want to want in and save her? Hamlet."

It was lovely to meet Mark and discuss art and photography with him over a few pints in Bruxelles a Dublin Bar.

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